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Film: ~ La nuit de San Lorenzo~ dès

Frères Taviani. 1981

~ Highlander Star crossed ~

Gianfranco Salemi rôle

~ Doge à Verone~ avec P.Adrian

Paris 1994

~ Commandant Nerval~

Gianfranco Salemi rôle

~Derek~ avec F.Huster

Real : Henri Hellman

Paris 1995


Film: La nuit de San Lorenzo

Commandant Nerval -rôle Derek

avec.Francis Huster

Highlander Star crossed-rôle

doge à Verone avec

Adrian Paul.

Mix – Stromae – Alors On Danse :



The Daily Post

We’re close to topic #100 and we’ve been remiss – One intention we’ve had at the bottom of our hearts was to build a community around blogging and developing ideas – its been too one way so far.

To change this, we want to post topics that come from you – what topics do you want to see? Leave ‘em in the comments.

I know some of you have complained in the past about how lame some of our topics have been and the shameful anti-puppy bias we have at times expressed – here’s your chance to show us what you’ve got.

Topics we pick will include a link to your blog in our post! More traffic for you.

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